The work we do at the correctional facility for juvenile girls sets off questions like : so what kind of crimes do the girls commit? Why do you do this? How do you measure change in the girls you work with.


The answers I give are simple. I know that the facility houses girls who have committed crimes punishable to a term ranging from 6 months to 2 years, family background of these girls are usually single mothers or double orphans living with their grandparents sometimes in school, more often than not no school.

I do not concern my self with what specifically they did? I do not want my judgement to be clouded nor do I want any any prejudicial thought to 'evolve' in my mind.

Therefore with a focus of beginning a process of change by individually mentoring each of the girls, we at Ghana Women's Voices with our partners Global Fund for Children.


In our interactions we ask questions about we we took an action, what other options we could have taken ,how our paths could change for better or worse because of a decision we took. These interactions are consultative and 2 way because mentors and mentees each learn about choices and their lives .

We see growth because we see change because we see in our lives that in making decisions we stop and look at our options critically.


So at GWV and the correctional facility, the growth and change is mutual.


Nana Yaa Appiah

Founder and Programs Manager

Ghana Women's Voices Foundation