Ghana Women’s Voices Foundation as part of its Literacy and Mentoring Project at the Correctional Facility for Juvenile Girls at Osu continues to seek the welfare of the girls in and out of the facility.

One of the inmates Akosua (not her real name) is on remand and so every now and then, she attends her court hearings in another city  about 100 km away from the comfort of the facility.

The case is ongoing and the trail judge is yet to pass judgement. This means that every time the court sits, Akosua embarks on the 3 hour ride . When the case is adjourned, Akosua is sent back to the facility in Osu .  Sometimes, it takes a  fortnight because there is no vehicle or fuel. During this waiting period, she is kept in the remand cells of the Domestic  and Victims Support Unit and that is not pleasant at all!

During our weekly visits to the girls correctional facility we noticed her absence over a prolonged period and hearing her plight, we decided to to pay Akosua a visit; of course with the permission and support of Georgina, the Manageress of the facility.

When we saw her in the remand cells (awaiting the return trip to Accra),  she was very surprised and elated ; as she ate the bread and fruits we sent , the Police Man guarding the cells was infact very surprised.

So we explained to him; ‘This is what we do!’