Adjoa and Ama (not their real names) have become sisters. As two teenage girls that have literally spent all their time together for about a year, they now know more about each other than anyone else. The life paths of these two girls and mine have crossed by fate.

I have met these two girls because I volunteer every week for Ghana Women’s Voices Foundation in the Literacy and Numeracy Mentoring Project at the Osu Correctional Facility for Juvenile Girls and I meet them every week.

As a policy, GWV and her volunteers don’t ask what brought the girls to the facility. As we tell them we want to engage with them during their stint at the facility so that when they leave, they won’t do anything that will bring them back to there.

Adjoa and Ama have been apart for over 3 weeks now; and that is unusual!  There is still no vehicle to bring Ama back from her court hearing since she left several weeks ago and so we were all worried.
Then we decided it was time to visit Ama at her temporary remand facility . That had a condition; Adjoa must write her a letter!!

As one best friend to another: ‘ how are you? I miss you! Do you miss me as much as I miss you? Are you coming back to me?

Then the reply: ‘ I miss you too! I don’t know if I will come back to you. If I don’t , this is my mothers number. Call me if you can. Don’t lose this number. I will always be your best friend’
I’m glad that I had an opportunity to bring some joy to these two girls. I’m thankful to Georgina,  the  Managress at the correctional facility; in spite of the meager resources available to her, she makes the facility a home!

The Global Fund for Children has been supportive of our work through its budgetary office support.  I acknowledge this!