abortion nov2014In Africa alone , an estimated number of 5.5 million unsafe abortions take place every year. The risk of death arising from complications due to unsafe abortions in Africa is 1 in  16. This compares unfavourably to asia 1 in 250, latin America 1 in 800.


This informs our commitment at GWV to reduce unsafe abortions.


GWV through our partnership with Ipas Ghana has trained 200 pharmacists, 300 chemical sellers, 200 frontline staff of pharmacies and chemical sellers shops since 2008


In 2014-2015, GWV through our partnership with Ipas Ghana will train 150 pharmacists and chemical sellers in 3 regions of Ghana. The objective is to improve access to information and availability of safe abortion services to the full extent of the law. Additionally the objective is to improve the referral systems so that the links among the health care delivery system will be strengthened.