live matters nov2014Date: 15/11/2014
Activity: Radio Program – live matters
Topic: Unsafe abortion
Radio Station: Live 91.9 fm


Nana Yaa Appiah Programs Director Ghana Women’s Voices was in attendance with Selorme Azumah of the Community Access Department,  Ipas Ghana.
We talked about unsafe abortion; why this was a threat in achieving a reduction in maternal mortality in Ghana. This fact was emphasised by Dr Ernest Kwarko a specialist Obstetrics and Gynaecologist who confirmed that it was the 3rd highest cause of maternal morbidity and mortality in Ghana.


We discussed some of the circumstances under which abortion was permitted:  

  1. when continued pregnancy will be a risk to the pregnant woman’s physical health
  2. when continued pregnancy will be a risk to the mental health of the woman . the definition of mental health within this context is the state of emotional, psychological, social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease in matters relating to mental function


Nana Yaa and Selorme reiterated the importance of counselling as a component of the Comprehensive Abortion Care Package. In addition there was a reminder that pharmacists and sellers of over the counter medicines  were being trained to improve access to information and availability of the service to the full extent of the law. This means that clients who visit these facilities as a first line of call within the communities will be met with a more welcoming attitude and a referral to a trusted service provider if need be.