abortion nov2015Unsafe abortion is defined by the World Health Organization as ‘a procedure for terminating an unwanted pregnancy either by persons lacking the necessary skills or in an environment lacking the minimal medical standards or both. ‘Unsafe’ is not a synonym for ‘illegal’ or ‘clandestine’. For example, legal abortions may be unsafe because of poorly trained clinicians, inadequate facilities, or both. It is very important to improve attitudes of health workers to clients who may want to procure pregnancy termination services. Pharmacists and Chemical Sellers within the Ipas network have been trained to refer clients who need help to where they can get help. Unsafe abortion can result in severe health related consequences. We want to reduce unsafe abortion in our communities.



Why women will  terminate a pregnancy?

Women may decide to terminate a pregnancy she does not want for several reasons some of which  include postponing childbearing to a more suitable time for the individual. Others may include being unable to afford a child in terms of the cost involved in raising a child, desire to promote schooling for existing children, disruption of one’s own education, relationship problems with their partner, perception of being too young to have a child, unemployment and unwillingness to raise child conceived as a result of rape or incest. Women must know where they can get help!



Interventions that yield life saving results

Ghana Women’s Voices collaborates with the Community Access Unit of Ipas Ghana to coordinate its Pharmacist and Chemical Sellers Intervention. Pharmacists and Chemical Sellers have been trained to save womens’ lives by improving access to information and availability of abortion medicine where the law permits and well as provide a  women friendly environment for women who attend their facility.