Maternal  mortality is the second most common cause of death among women in Ghana and more than one in 10 maternal deaths (11%) are the result of unsafe abortions. The few who survive experience complications from the procedure. This, however, happens because many women in need of abortion services tend to procure abortion termination services from unqualified providers. Unsafe abortion continues to claim the lives of our women and girls, although this situation is entirely preventable.

reviewing pharm 2015

Everyday, people make critical decisions about their health and sexuality. In a country like Ghana, most people access health services through pharmacies. Pharmacies are basically the first point of call when one wants information about reproductive health including pregnancy termination. The Pharmacy Curriculum does not have any component of Comprehensive Abortion Care so equipping pharmacists with the skills to provide access to information on where to get safe abortion services as well as proper counselling has become one of Ghana Women’s Voices Foundation focus. Knowledge of the laws relating to abortion in Ghana is timely.


Ghana Women’s Voices (GWV) in collaboration with Ipas Ghana have trained over 200 pharmacists since 2009 in this regard. In 2015, 75 pharmacists in Accra, Koforidua and Kumasi  were trained as an intervention to reduce unsafe abortion in our communities. In December 2015, a review meeting was held to access the impact in their pharmacy practice, the meeting also sought to do the following:


To appreciate the effectiveness and challenges in applying knowledge and skills learnt at the training sessions. (2014/2015)

To effectively monitor and document what they do in order to make an impact in our communities.

To update  participants’ knowledge on Medication Abortion and Pregnancy Dating using the Gestational Wheel.