review meeting3

Ms Nana Yaa Appiah, the founder of Ghana Women’s Voices in a review meeting  held  on the 24th of November, 26th of November and 1st of December, 2015 in the Eastern region (Capital view hotel), Ashanti region (Miklin hotel) and Greater Accra region (Miklin hotel) respectively for pharmacist and over the counter medicine practitioners on interventions to reduce unsafe abortions refreshed participants knowledge on medical abortion and the use of gestational wheel. She educated them on how to date a pregnancy, correctly and make effective referral, however clients should be interrogated properly to be sure they are dating the pregnancy correctly to achieve good results. She also enlightened the participants on the use of medabon in order not to give any misinformation to clients. Medabon contains two kinds of pills- mifepristone and misoprostol. These pills are used to end an early pregnancy safely and effectively. Mifepristone is one pill separated from the misoprostol, which are four pills on the same pack. The mifepristone can be swallowed with water on the first and after 24-48 hours, the misoprosotol can also be taken in two ways. The four misoprostol pills can be inserted in the vagina by pushing them hard enough  in order not  to fall out or two pills each of the four can be placed at each side of the cheek for about 30 minutes and allowed to dissolve. What is left in the mouth can be swallowed and this would cause bleeding after some time. She also pointed out that the body is not a light switch and therefore clients should be advised to take a scan if they complain of still showing signs of pregnancy. She continually said that they are not suppose to sell the medabon without prescriptions but for the purpose of the training and not knowing when a situation would arise for them to provide services, it is important they know the components of medabon, how it is taken and how it works.