abstract2Ghana Women's Voices mentoring, numeracy and literacy program for young women at the Osu girls correctional facility was expanded in 2015. The program ensures the girls are equipped with basic literacy and numeracy skills to facilitate their re-integration into the society.


This expansion entails enrolling graduates of the mentoring program in the schools of their choics at the end of their stay at the correctional homes. This is to keep them focused on education to prevent them from engaging in activities that might be in conflict with the law.


Afia is the first graduate of the Ghana Women's Voices mentoring program, who has ended her stay at the correctional facility. She is now enrolled in Opportuinities Industralization Centre (OIC) in Kumasi, a school of her choice. For the last 45 years, OIC International has been at the front lines in their effort to fully develop Africa's workforce through quality and market driven workforce development training and job placement. Their mission is to alleviate poverty through developing a trained and employable workforce with skills to work in many of the key and critical core focus sectors; Agriculture, Customer service or retail, Health, Vocational Training (construction trade and infrastructure; auto repairs; hospitality management; fashion design; office administration)


Afia has just completed her first term of two years in her study in Fashion and Design. Ghana Women's voices had a phone interview with her on the 14th of January, 2015 to listen to her experience during her first term in school. She expressed great delight to be enrolled in Opportunities Industrialization Centre (OIC). She is glad she made a good choice because the environment is welcoming and she is pleased to be studying her dream course Fashion and Design. She is convinced at the end of the course she can make a living for herself through dressmaking. She aspires to be one of the best fashion designers in Ghana.


She also expressed her gratitude to GWV Foundation for their overwhelming support towards her which includes mentoring her, paying her school fees, providing her accommodation and food as part of her educational package.