ruthGhana Women’s Voices Foundation (GWV), Beyond The Remand Home Project is getting bigger. Ruth is another graduate of GWV mentoring, numeracy and literacy program at the Osu girls correctional facility and as GWV has expanded its projects to now enroll the girls into schools of their choices at the end of their stay at the correctional facility, the road to a brighter future has been set for Ruth.


Ruth has just ended her five years stay at the correctional facility and during her stay GWV mentored and taught her to achieve basic literacy. Now her stay is over and she has gone back to her village. According to research, most girls from Ruth’s community hardly finish their junior high education because they end up as teen mothers. For Ruth not to be a victim of this undesirable occurrence in her community, GWV quickly arranged with her probation officer and enrolled her in a school of her choice.


On Monday, 25th of January, 2016. GWV made all necessary arrangements which included paying her school and feeding fees, providing her with all the items on her prospectus, paying for her accommodation and giving her enough money for upkeep. Now,  Ruth has  started a fashion  course (dressmaking and tailoring) at the Social Welfare Vocational Training and Rehabilitation Institute (SWVIRI) in Somanya. This school has been in existence for the past forty years and most of the past students are living satisfactory and independent lives. In three years time, Ruth would end her fashion course and the future that awaits her is brighter.