hope after remandEvery young girl deserves to be educated, but what is the case for girls in remand homes? One cannot underestimate the fact that girls in remand homes do benefit from informal education whilst in the facility. Ghana Women’s Voices Foundation literacy program for the girls at the Osu  correctional facility  discovered that, the girls face serious concerns which are highlighted below.


What is next after we  leave the remand home?


Would our families and communities accept us back into their lives?


How do we face our classmates, we left behind knowing that they are far ahead of us now?


These questions have been of great concern to these girls, but many people have  thought of these emotional traumas the girls go through daily? This is  what GWV has found out and provided solutions to. It is BEYOND THE REMAND HOME PROJECT. It is a project which supports the girls by providing them with quality education, after they have left the remand home.


Janet is a young girl who has just ended her stay at the Osu girls correctional facility. To facilitate her reintegration into the society, GWV quickly liaised with her probation officer and family and enrolled her in the social welfare vocational and training institute in somanya. Janet is currently studying a three year programme in dressmaking. She does not have to worry about the concerns above any more as she has been taken out of her community.


GWV paid her school, accomodation and feeding fees. Janet and her family were so grateful. This is what GWV does to ensure that outside the walls of the remand home amidst the emotional trauma, there is still hope.


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